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2023 Festival

10448 County Road 316C
Terrel, TX 75161

September 29

Admission – $25.00
Tickets – at the gate
Gate – 6:00pm
Show – 7:00pm

September 30

Admission – $25.00
Tickets – at the gate
Gate – 6:00pm
Show – 7:00pm

Lady Avis and the Sugar Boy's Blue Band

Lady Avis and her “Sugar Boy’s Blues” band.

Our MC for both the Friday and Saturday night shows will be Lady Avis.

Her band, “Sugar Boy’s Blues” will be performing Friday night.

Friday, Sept. 29, 2023 Show

Jarekus Singleton

The Washington Post said Jarekus is an exciting new young blues guitarist with melody, hooks, swagger and a strong, original voice. His lyrics are modern, personal, acutely poetic and deeply mature. USA Today said of Singleton, “Stinging blues guitar and potent, original songs herald the emergence of a major new talent.”

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023 Show

Mathias Lattin

Mathias Lattin is an emerging young Texas blues guitarist. The grandson of NBA Hall of Fame legend David “Big Daddy” Lattin. However, Mathias chose to bring his talents to the stage and not the basketball court.

The decision has already paid off. At 20 years old, Mathias Lattin won 1st place at the 2023 International Blues Challenge in the band category and was awarded Best Guitarist by the judges.

E J Matthews

EJ Matthews says he wants to tell a story through his music his way. He got his musical influence from his grandfather who was from south Georgia. His granddaddy loved listening to country and blues and Matthews says his musical style is somewhere in the middle, a little bit of the blues, with a touch of some country mixed in.

Christian Dozzler

Christian Dozzler is from Vienna, Austria. Christian is an Austrian blues, boogie woogie and zydeco multi-instrumentalist and singer, now based in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He plays piano, harmonica, accordian and organ and writes most of his recorded material. He has been nicknamed “Vienna Slim”. He performs mostly solo piano blues in North America and Europe, but also plays with Texas blues bands.


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